B e a t i f u l  S t r a n d s

B e a u t  i f u l  S t r a n d s


           Strand-by-strand application methods, where individual extensions are attached to individual sections of your natural hair. 


                Micro Rings & Mini Micro Tubes

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Why choose Micro Rings / Mini Tubes

  • Securely applied, leaving you able to go about life as normal
  • Safer, more discreet than most other methods 
  • No excessive force / chemicals used in application or removal 
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How they are applied

Individual strands of natural hair are threaded onto a micro ring/tube using a special pulling tool, then individual extension strands are placed inside the micro ring/tube. Using our extension pliers, we press and clamp on the micro ring/tube which secures natural & extension hair inside micro ring/tube.
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Removal process

Using extension pliers, we press on the micro ring/tube to open it, then extension strand & natural hair are released as the ring is removed. It is a quick process and should not cause discomfort

Maintaining your Extensions 

Micro ring hair extensions move down with your hair as your own hair naturally grows.  So the lower down the micro rings go the more visible they become.  We advise all clients to have maintenance done every 6 to 8 weeks.  It will depend on your own hair growth. 

Maintenance includes:

  • Opening micro ring and removing, then brush through hair strands 
  • Re-position hair extensions with new rings, closer to the scalp

                          Micro Rings/Tubes

                Extension Strands

                  Extension Tips

                              Extension Tools

                          Micro Ring applied

                          Micro ring row fitted

                How much hair / length to add

  Half Head

          Up to 100g

For clients wanting a bit of extra volume 

  Full Head

          Up to 150g +

The majority of clients choose a full head 

  Full Head +

          Up to 200g +

For clients with short
/ very thick natural  

                  Choosing your Hair Extensions

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      Double Drawn v's Single Drawn 
All our extension hair is double drawn. This means each strand of hair contains only hair the same length, all shorter hairs have been removed. Single drawn hair on the other hand only has the very shortest hairs removed, but still contains hairs of different lengths in each bundle, so looks tapered towards the tips. The benefits of choosing Double Drawn hair is once a full head of extensions are fitted, the hair looks thick and full from root to ends and also means less hair extensions are required. The image below illustrates difference between single drawn and double drawn hair.

    What is Remy Hair ?


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The cuticle is the external outer part of your hair shaft. Formed from dead cells that overlap in layers to form scales that give the hair shaft strength and protection. 


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Remy Hair means all the hair cuticle layers are intact & facing same direction to ensure no tangling So check your extension hair is 'remy'. Cheaper extensions get made from hair collected facing in all directions, from many donors, even hairbrushes, the cuticle gets removed in damaging acid baths, & coated in silicone so the hair won't tangle & why it's then called tangle free, creating an illusion of silky, good qualty hair. The problems begin after the first few washes when any remaining cuticles rise as the silicone is washed off, tangling sets in as those cuticles act like little fish hooks, hooking cuticles facing in the opposite direction, your hair then becomes a tangled hot mess.