B e a t i f u l  S t r a n d s

B e a u t  i f u l  S t r a n d s


Let the Loving begin ...

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Having Hair Extensions fitted is a big change & can take time to get used to wearing them. For the first few days your scalp may feel tight or a little discomfort / itching, this can be due to added weight of your new extensions and should pass, each person is individual, so it will depend on your scalps sensitivity. We recommend not washing your hair for 48 hours & advise not tying hair up in a tight pony tail, but a loose pleat. Regular maintenance appointments & good aftercare are essential to maintain condition.


  • Always brush through first before washing
  • Smooth shampoo downwards, don't rub as tangling may occur
  • Condition from mid-lengths to the ends of the extension hair
  • Preferably wash your hair upright in a shower  
  • After rinsing off hair, dab hair gently to remove excess water


  •  It is recommended you buy a Hair Extension loop brush
  • Be gentle & brush any tangles out from the bottom first
  • On a regular basis, separate your extensions with your fingers 
  •  Brush through your extensions at least once a day


  • Dry your hair using the cool / warm setting
  • It is easier to dry your hair section by section
  • You  should never rough-dry your extensions


You can dye your hair as you would normally, but it's worth noting that because the extension hair is a different colour and texture from your own natural hair, it might not be exactly the same shade as your own natural hair. Constant colouring can damage your extensions just the same as with your natural hair.

Styling & Heat Appliances

If using styling products, apply to the lengths / ends of your hair, you can use your heat appliances as normal but try not to get dryers, tongs & straighteners in close contact with micro rings 

  • We recommend always using a heat protector spray.  

                                          Maintenance Schedule 

Recommended ...

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  • Every 6/8 weeks 
  • A general tidy and check up
  • Re-position with new rings if required
  • Usually takes 1 - 2 hrs

Please Note ...

An average woman loses 50/100 natural hair strands per day. Once extensions are fitted, natural hair can't fall as it would normally. So the first time your rings are removed, it can be alarming to see so much hair on the brush as the natural hair is brushed through.